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Parents/Spectator Code of Conduct

Always keep in mind that the players are children in grade school.

Children are trying to learn the game, the team concept, improve their skills, and
learn life lessons, most importantly have fun. They are NOT playing for the entertainment of the spectators.

Applaud good performances from both teams. Congratulate all players regardless of the outcome.

Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during competition. Be positive.

Condemn the use of violence in any form, be it by spectators, coaches or players.

Show respect for all teams. Encourage players to obey the rules and decision of officials.

Do not use foul language, or harass players, coaches, or officials.

Refrain from shouting instructions to players from the stands, it can become conflicting for the children when they are getting instructions form their coaches. Let the players play and the coaches coach.

Please be on time, if you take it seriously the children will most likely follow suite.

Please note as stated in our By-Laws:

Players may not participate in any game when the following items are present:

A hard cast on any part of their body
Non-sneaker footwear